Documentation forDameware Remote Everywhere

Interact with the remote Mac device during a support session

The Interactions menu contains the following features that can directly interact with the remote computer:

  • Start Video Recording – begin recording the remote support session.
  • Enable keyboard mapping – ensures local characters are typed correctly on the remote end of an support session.
  • Take Screenshot – saves a screenshot of the remote screen as a JPEG image.
  • Copy / Paste

    Use the Shift+Ctrl+C and Shift+Ctrl+V shortcuts to avoid clicking outside of the remote machine during a support session.

    • Copy/Paste > Get Remote Clipboard – Shift+Ctrl+C – copies the remote clipboard contents (text only) to the local clipboard.
    • Copy/Paste > Send Local Clipboard – Shift+Ctrl+V – copies the local clipboard contents (text only) to the remote clipboard.
    • Copy/Paste > Insert Copied Password – the Windows Viewer takes the copied text and simulates key presses on the remote machine to insert the password.
    • Copying passwords or sensitive information must be handled with care. Do not perform copy operations of sensitive information with multiple open sessions.

  • Shared Clipboard – disables the clipboard synchronization entirely. You can also opt to keep a partial synchronization, either from the local to the remote machine, from the remote machine to the local machine, or bidirectionally.
  • Enable Remote Printing – enables printing from the remote computer, and allows the technician to specify a default printer on the local device.
  • Session Inactivity Timeout – provides the ability to timeout the session due to inactivity. Select anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes, and set a default option for all subsequent sessions.