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Windows Console Release Notes

These release notes describe the new features, improvements, and fixed issues in the Dameware Remote Everywhere Windows Console.

The Windows Console can be accessed via download from the Admin Area. The Admin Area can be accessed via web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. Mobile components can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

New features and improvements as of January 2023

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Improvements and bug fixes

Dameware Remote Everywhere includes improvements to stability and bug fixes for a more consistent user experience within DRE integrations.

New features and improvements as of December 2022

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Fixed issues

When Technicians perform a search in the My Computers tab, the device group name now displays next to the device name.
The Windows clipboard now allows Technicians to copy and paste while running multiple sessions.
Technicians no longer receive invalid error messages.
When the Console is configured to use the Portuguese language, the Console no longer reverts to English when it is closed and reopened.
Technicians now have the option to deselect the Start with Windows option.
The invalid two-factor authentication error no longer displays when Technicians log into Passportal through the Console.

New features and improvements as of November 2022

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Fixed issues

The DRE Console does not display updated device information after searching a device and refreshing the list.

New features and improvements as of October 2022

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Improvements to audio permission control for end users

End users now have the option to accept or decline microphone access from Technicians requesting remote audio playback in the Viewer.

New features and improvements as of September 2022

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Improvements to the System Shell tab

Dameware Remote Everywhere now supports full interactivity within the command line interfaces. In the Viewer, the System Shell tab automatically loads with an interactive command prompt, with the additional option to open an interactive PowerShell interface.

Both the Windows Console and Windows Agent components must be running version 7.00.37 or higher to use this feature.

Fixed issues

DRE now allows the names of devices to be changed.
Technicians can now automatically and manually refresh while searching for devices.
Calling cards no longer generate negative time values.
Desktop shortcuts created for specific devices now create a new connection instead of opening the Console.

New features and improvements as of July 2022

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Clear Windows clipboard

To improve security, using the Dameware Remote Everywhere function to clear the clipboard now additionally clears the Windows clipboard history.

Two-factor authentication for remote Windows sessions

Dameware Remote Everywhere now gives end users the option to use two-factor authentication before allowing Technicians to perform remote support on Windows devices. Technicians can activate two-factor authentication in Administrator Mode from the Viewer. Once logged in to the remote device, open the Agent Configurator program to configure the two-factor authentication settings.

Fixed issues

The Viewer notification windows now close automatically after the session ends.
Technicians no longer encounter error messages if they receive a new pending request while the Console window is minimized.

New features and improvements as of May 2022

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New out-of-session chat functionality

Dameware Remote Everywhere now allows Technicians to initiate a chat with active end users without an active remote control session. Technicians can initiate the chat by navigating to My Computers in the Console, selecting the end user's device, and clicking the chat icon in the upper right corner. The out-of-session chat additionally supports special characters and preset emoticons.

Improved scaling in the Viewer

Dameware Remote Everywhere now accurately scales the resolution of the remote screen with the local screen in the Viewer. This allows improved image quality and more efficient troubleshooting for Technicians.

Resize Windows below the minimum threshold

Technicians are now able to resize the Console into a small window, allowing for Technicians to view multiple remote sessions on one screen. Technicians can activate the feature by navigating to the vertical ellipsis menu and selecting Allow resize below the minimum threshold.

New option to sharpen the remote image

Dameware Remote Everywhere now has the option to sharpen the remote image in the Viewer. This feature activates when the remote image is downscaled and the Technician's Viewer window is smaller than the remote resolution. Technicians can enable this option by navigating to Remote Desktop > View > Size > Sharpen the image when downscaling.

Enabling this option increases CPU consumption and can potentially cause issues with processing speed. Technicians with legacy hardware should proceed with caution.

New features and improvements as of April 2022

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New Passport and Vault functionality within Applet privilege escalation

Dameware Remote Everywhere now allows Technicians to use Passportal and Vaults to provide admin credentials for a privilege escalation. This action allows one Technician with admin privileges to run the Applet as an admin during an active session.

Fixed issues

Users can now log in as expected without sequencing errors.

New features and improvements as of January 2022

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New Video Upload functionality

Dameware Remote Everywhere now allows Technicians to record and upload videos from DRE sessions by navigating to Configurations > Configure Video Upload in the Console. Technicians can choose the storage location (Azure, Amazon, or N-Able cloud), time and day for upload scheduling, and maximum bandwidth.

New features and improvements as of July 2021

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New signed N-Able binaries

As part of the split from SolarWinds, the Viewer now contains binaries signed by N-Able.

New features and improvements as of April 2021

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Remote Audio Playback

In the Viewer, Technicians can now receive audio playback from the remote machine they are controlling in a session. Remote Audio Playback allows Technicians to troubleshoot audio issues and identify other running sources of audio more accurately.

New features and improvements as of July 2020

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New Command Line features

In the Viewer, both the Command Prompt and PowerShell has been redesigned to look and feel just like a native command prompt. This includes new tools and abilities such as command history, tab-to-autocomplete, copy/paste, use of CTRL commands, and command shell colors.

Fixed issues

The Lock remote OS option in the Viewer now functions as expected.

New features and improvements as of May 2020

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Smoother user experience

Video calling has been streamlined for better handling and efficiency that provides a smoother user experience. This enhancement has also been replicated to the End User area of the Console.

Fixed issues

The Passportal plug-in now correctly displays special characters and logs in as expected.

Video calls can be terminated successfully without closing the session in the Viewer.

In the Viewer, the Monitor icon is no longer blank and works as intended with multiple monitors.

New features and improvements as of March 2020

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Addition of Passportal search functionality

In the Viewer, users with a large number of Passportal vaults now have the ability to search their credentials using both partial and exact word matches.

Mass management of settings on installed Agents

Users in charge of multiple Agents using Unattended access can now deploy settings to these existing Agents without reinstalling the software. This feature enables users to dial up security settings and ensure that compliance sensitive settings cannot be administratively disabled.

New features and improvements as of November 2019

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Event Viewer Hints

Users can now see a hint that displays how many entries are being loaded.

Passportal Integration for Germany and Australia

Passportal integration has now been expanded to include Germany and Australia data centers. This enables users to seamlessly integrate their Remote Viewer with any Passportal instances hosted in these regions.

Disable Snaps and Anchors

Users can now choose to disable the previously automatic snap and anchor behaviors.

New features and improvements as of September 2019

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Integration of Passportal

In the Viewer during a remote session, technicians can now select from a list of Secrets using Passportal vaults and inject it into a remote Windows device. This allows technicians to remotely authenticate end users' machines securely without viewing their credentials.

New features and improvements as of July 2019

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In-session video calling

In the Viewer, technicians now have a Start Video Call option once a session is established. This option allows VoIP calls with a two-way exchange of voice and video streaming through video conferencing.

Powershell interaction warning

In the Viewer, a Powershell warning will now advise that remote devices running Powershell v4 or lower will execute commands but not show the prompt.

Fixed issues

In the Viewer, the System Info > Applications window now displays the description and file path instead of 0KB.

New features and improvements as of May 2019

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Introduction of Dameware Remote Everywhere Mobile

In the Viewer, technicians can now screenshare with end users on both Android and iOS devices by downloading the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Allow remote users to add passwords to a Vault

In the Viewer, end users can now securely add a password to a Vault without requiring the technician to view the password.

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