Documentation forDameware Remote Everywhere

Create and manage Calling Cards from the Admin Area

  1. Select Management > Calling cards > Add.
  2. Enter a name and click Save.
  3. Select Is Default if you want to use this batch of Calling Cards to be used as the default.
  4. Select Use Custom Logo and click Choose image to add your company logo to the calling cards.
  5. In the Warnings section, specify if a URL opens for the following scenarios:
    1. Before starting a session.
      1. When the Calling Card’s date has expired.
      2. When the Calling Card has no time left.
    2. During the session.
      1. When the Calling Card’s date has expired.

    If no information is entered in the Warnings section, an error message is presented to the user when trying to establish a connection or during the calling card session, but no web page is displayed.

  6. Navigate to the Active Cards tab and click Add to add Calling Cards to the batch.
  7. Specify how many cards to add, and select the departments or technicians that have access to the Calling Cards.
  8. Select Duration and specify a number of minutes, hours, or days to limit the session time included on the card. You can also manage the duration using two additional options:
    1. Select Count in Blocks of and specify a minimum amount of time that is deducted from the Calling Card after each new session. For example, select 5 minutes, and each new session deducts that amount of time from the available time on the card if the session is less than five minutes.
    2.  Select Minimum period to round the time of each session to the nearest block of time. For example, select 15 minutes to deduct that amount of time from the Calling Card when sessions last less than 15 minutes.
  9. Select an Expiration Date and click Add to confirm the addition of the new Calling Cards to the batch.