Documentation forDameware Remote Everywhere

View running sessions

Use the Running Sessions section of the Admin Area to view active technicians logged in to the Dameware Remote Everywhere console, as well as a list of active and pending support sessions.

  • Click Filters to add available filters and sort the Tech or Session List.
  • View all active technicians from the Techs List, and click Force Logout to remove techs from the Console.
  • Click Generate PIN or Generate a PIN code and start a support session.
  • View Active and Pending sessions from the Session list, and select a Pending Session to view it's info.
  • Click any session from the list to view additional information in the Main and Details tabs to the right of the Session List.
  • If the Status of the session is Waiting, you can accept or cancel the request from the Main tab to the right of the Session List.

  • After selecting an active session from the Session List, navigate to the Main tab on the right of the page and select Join to Session to join the in-progress support session.