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Admin Area Release Notes

These release notes describe the new features, improvements, and fixed issues in the Dameware Remote Everywhere Admin Area.

The Admin Area can be accessed via web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. Other components such as Agents, Viewers, Consoles, and Applets must be downloaded. Desktop components can be downloaded from the Admin Area. Mobile components can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

New features and improvements as of May 2022

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New out-of-session chat functionality

Dameware Remote Everywhere now allows Technicians to initiate a chat with active end-users without an active remote control session. Technicians can initiate the chat from the Devices pane in the Admin Area and selecting the end-user's device. The out-of-session chat additionally supports special characters and preset emoticons.

New features and improvements as of February 2022

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Notifications regarding outdated Agents

Dameware Remote Everywhere now allows Technicians with master accounts to receive notifications via email when an Agent hasn't been updated for more than a six month period.

New German language option for Applets

Dameware Remote Everywhere now contains a filter that allows Technicians to view all devices running on older versions. This feature is available in the Admin Area by navigating to Devices > Filters.

New features and improvements as of January 2022

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New installer repository feature

Dameware Remote Everywhere now allows Technicians to view all Agent installers created within their respective accounts by navigating to Management > Installers in the Admin Area. Technicians can also add new installers, filter or expire existing ones, and check details such as links and PIN codes.

New German language option for Applets

Dameware Remote Everywhere now has the option to override the language detection using German, allowing for end-users to communicate in German. The option is available in the Admin Area by navigating to Profile > Identification > PIN/Calling Cards.

New features and improvements as of December 2021

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Pre-session chatting

Dameware Remote Everywhere now has a chat feature in the Admin Area Devices pane for users who have a DRE Agent installed. Chats can be initiated without an active remote control session.

Fixed issues

The issue with the inability to elevate permissions for customers using admin credentials has been resolved.

New features and improvements as of October 2020

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Length of session PIN codes

PIN codes for starting attended sessions, which were previously 6 digits, are now 9 digits for improved security functionality.

Generate MSI packages from the Admin Area

Users now have the option to generate MSI packages directly from the Admin Area, allowing for an easier experience to mass deploy Agents.

Fixed issues

User could not update Technician details in the Admin Area from a mobile browser.

New features and improvements as of May 2020

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Additional authentication and permissions options

End users can now use the same multi-factor authentication (MFA) that standard Technicians have been able to use. Technicians can also set permissions for end users to allow or restrict access to features such as file transfer.

New features and improvements as of March 2020

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Addition of German, French, and Italian language options

Users now have the option to view the Admin Area in German, French, and Italian for enhanced readability and a more inclusive international user experience.

Bulk creation of Technicians

Users can now perform mass Technician enrollment using the Dameware Remote Everywhere API. These Technicians can also be created alongside corresponding permissions that can be predefined in the Admin Area by navigating to Management > Technicians > Permissions.

Additional security settings for management of Technicians

Users now have the ability to manage additional security settings within their Technicians. including the ability to "Deploy Security Settings" or "Deploy Configuration Settings." These settings can be found by navigating to the Admin Area > Management > Technicians > Permissions > Miscellaneous.

New features and improvements as of November 2019

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Delegate licensing responsibilities to technicians

Users with Master accounts can now delegate licensing responsibilities to specific technicians by navigating to Management > Technicians > Permissions. This allows for administrative privileges to be allocated to groups of technicians and creates a wider group of users with licensing capabilities.

New features and improvements as of July 2019

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Addition of Session Widget

Users can now access a Session Widget by clicking on the Remote Control Mode icon. This allows technicians to create or transfer sessions, view license consumption, and even disable local license consumption.

Disable local license consumption

Users now have the option to disable their local license consumption. This is beneficial for users that want to perform administrative duties, such as running reports, without consuming a license.

More system information when auditing devices

Users now receive more detailed information when auditing selected devices.

Addition of visual calendar

Users can now view a visual calendar under Applet Setup to aid in scheduling web filters.

New features and improvements as of May 2019

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Design enhancements added to columns

Users can now sort column data by clicking on column headers, as well as re-order columns by dragging and dropping to the desired view.

Fixed issues

The checkbox in the Terms of Service prompt is now scalable with high DPI displays, rather than remaining partially hidden.

New features and improvements as of April 2019

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Addition of Wake-on-LAN

Technicians can choose which devices to wake up on the main table. After that, the technician can select the "Proxy Agent" that will be used to send the magic packet.

Addition of Restart Agent Service and Restart Device to Devices Pane

Users can now restart the agent service and devices from the Devices Pane.

Add Enable/Disable Icons

Users can more easily identify enabled/disabled scripts that displays its status more clearly.

Augmented Session History Report

Users can now add a hint to the Session Length, add database times, and clarify current local viewer times.

Better local language support at Admin Area login

Users will now have their language preferences automatically saved in the database after changing it instead of manually changing it after each login.

Allow for technician performance to be exported

Users can now export performance data for technicians in the Admin Area.

Ensure better presentation of scroll bars

Scroll bars in the Survey Report page are now responsive to changes in height and fit the entire window rather than within the container.

Update default handling of inbound support requests to “Yes”

The default highlighted option for incoming support requests is now "Accept" instead of "No".

Fixed issues

The explicit script option now marks scripts as "bat" as the default, rather than containing no default and executing unsuccessfully.
Session History reports are not being exported properly using the tech filter selected. They are now being exported correctly.
Survey reports are now properly exporting all data with no blank columns.
When multiple technicians try to respond to the same request, they now receive a meaningful error message.
When forwarding from Deferred Support, the drop-down menu now contains appropriate department names or is disabled if not applicable.
The banner indicating that a technician has expired now disappears from the screen rather than remaining on the screen.
Language options now appear in their offered language, rather than the currently selected language.
When viewing missed sessions, the "from" field now displays data rather than being blank.
Users can now successfully sort a table by clicking on an element in the table heading.

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