Documentation forDameware Remote Everywhere

Configure the New Session API

This API enables the generation of support tickets and corresponding Dameware Remote Everywhere applets using a call to a web service. The web service is capable of receiving optional parameters that are used to pre-configure the support request, like the name and the email address of the customer, the client number or the problem description. These values will then be sent to the technician’s console, allowing the easy identification of the support request.

  1. Navigate to the Admin Area and click Profile > APIs. Click API Keys to view your public and private API keys and endpoints.
  2. Select a passing method - HTTP GET or POST. The parameters do not need to follow a specific order in the request, but they must be encoded using the URL Encoding (UTF-8) format. The following restrictions apply:
    • customer_name - 128 characters maximum.
    • customer_email - 64 characters maximum.
    • customer_number - 32 characters maximum.
    • problem_description - 1024 characters maximum.
  1. Available parameters:

    Name Type Mandatory Description Example
    uid String Yes Unique identifier of your Dameware Remote Everywhere account, located in the Admin Area > Profile > APIs. e14887a6-337f-102cacd5-04010102184
    department Integer No Department ID is located in the Admin Area > Management > Departments. id_1234
    tech String No The technician's username (email address) to which the support request will be sent.
    customer_name String No Name of customer. My%20Customer
    customer_email String No Email address of the customer.
    customer_number String No Client number. C0987654321
    problem_description String No Problem description. Excel%20not%20working
    ask_customer_info Boolean No

    Allows the customer to change the ticket information. By default, if one of the following elements is sent, no information is sent to the customer in the support applet, unless this parameter is set to 1.

    • customer_name
    • customer_email
    • customer_number
    • problem_description

If the Department or Tech parameters are incorrect in the request, the web service uses the following procedure:

  • Both parameters are incorrect: the request goes to the general queue
  • Incorrect department but correct technician: the request goes to the mentioned technician.
  • Incorrect technician but correct department: the request goes to the queue of the referenced department.
  • Discrepancy between the technician and department (but both are correct): the request goes to the referenced technician.