Documentation forDameware Remote Everywhere

Create email templates

Email templates are an easy way to quickly send your customers a link to launch a support session. Create and customize the different email templates that are sent to your customers, including the install link needed to configure the Dameware Remote Everywhere Agent.

Use the Support Link to start a remote session via email and access your customers' devices at any time. Supported Tags help to further customize each email template by automatically including pre-configured information.

  1. Select Profile > Email templates.
  2. Navigate to the Install Link tab to configure the template for sending the link that is used to install Dameware Remote Everywhere on a client's computer.
  3. Select the Support Link tab to edit the template for sending clients the link to start a support session.
  4. Select the Session Report tab to edit the template for sending a report of a recently completed support session. Choose if the report is mandatory (sent automatically), or optional (the technician decides whether to send the report).
  5. Save your changes after the setup is complete.