Documentation forDameware Remote Everywhere

Set up the Agent

The Agent is installed on your customers' devices to be used for unattended remote access. Configure the Agent's default options for new installations. These options are not applicable to previously installed Agents.

To learn more about installing the Agent, see the Dameware Remote Everywhere Installation Guide.

Users with local administration privileges can manually change the default options for previously installed agents.

  1. In the Admin Area, navigate to Profile > Agent setup, and select the General tab. Select whether a new Agent uses the computer name, rather than asking the user for the name, and if the installation is silent (without intervention from local users).
  2. Enable the default settings for new agents, and give the local user the option to override them.
  3. Navigate to the Settings tab and select each graphics and performance optimization setting you want to enable.
  4. Navigate to the Security tab and select the settings you want to enable in order to increase the security of each session.
    1. Select Remote sessions require local user authorization to force all the sessions initiated from the Agent to be authorized by a local user. Enabling this prevents unattended access to the computer.
    2. Select Lock the OS when the remote session ends to protect the local Windows session against unauthorized use after remote access.
    3. Select Require authentication through the OS credentials to add a second layer of security to the Agent that only accepts connections if the credentials are locally validated (either on the local computer or in the domain).
    4. Select Allow restricted user accounts to login – Using this option, access to the remote Agent is restricted to privileged Windows accounts only, or to any Windows account with a profile on the remote computer.

Save your changes after the setup is complete.