Documentation forDameware Remote Everywhere

Configure the Agent

After installing the agent, navigate to Settings in the Agent configuration window to configure the following settings:

  • Optimize desktop settings when on session – removes the desktop background, and disables themes and graphical enhancements.
  • Limit image capture – adjusts advanced display options and optimizes the refresh rate of the display to the best performance for image capture while on a session.
  • Lock Windows when the remote session ends – locks Windows automatically and prevents others from accessing the computer without credentials.
  • Enable RDP Tunneling – enables the automatic creation of port forwarding that is used with the RDP protocol.
  • Enable TCP Port forwarding – enables the TCP Port forwarding setting and configures the corresponding port. For more information, see Configure Port Forwarding.
  • Use TCP port – enter a port number for incoming connections.
  • Agent expires on – adjusts the expiration date of the Agent. This is a local value, which allows the Administrator to establish a date to uninstall the agent on the customers device.
  • Block unattended remote script execution – blocks the deployment of scripts during unattended support sessions.
  • Notify when a new version is available – disables update notifications to the Agent to avoid notifying the users who do not have permissions to update it.
  • Notify when a tech is in session – updates user when technician is accessing the device for a support session.

After changing any setting, click Apply to save the Agent's settings.