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Loggly release notes

These release notes describe the new features, improvements, and fixed issues in Loggly.

July 2021 - Multiline Logging with Snap Agent Integration

The Snap Agent integration, introduced in March 2021, has been improved with support for multiline logs. Snap Agent version 4.3.0 can now collect and forward multiline logs, such as Stack traces, with the Files and Docker collectors. See SolarWinds SnapAgent for installation and configuration information.

June 2021 - Security and support enhancements

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Loggly is a SolarWinds Application Management product that inherits these security and support features.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), also known as Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA, is now available for your organization to protect your data from unauthorized access. MFA is a simple and robust method to guard against cybersecurity threats and provides another layer of security to SolarWinds Application Management user accounts. MFA does not replace the need for credentials, but requires an additional security code generated dynamically on another device. For more information about enabling MFA for your organization, see Enable MFA for your organization.

Session Expiration

With the new Session Expiration section of the common settings, an organization owner or administrator can now determine how long user can stay logged into SolarWinds Application Management products before they must re-authenticate. The default for all users of Application Management applications is 14 days before the session times out, but that value can now be modified to meet your organization's needs. For security reasons, your company may require all user sessions to expire after a shorter time period. However, if security is not a concern, you can allow your users to continue to use the products for a longer time period before they have to re-authenticate. For more information about session expiration, see Set Session Expiration.

Email Verification

SolarWinds Application Management products protect the security of user accounts by verifying a new user's identity. For newly created accounts, a verification email is sent to the email address used when signing up for the account. You must click the link in the email before you can log into your new account.

Live Chat

Live chat in Loggly has been upgraded to provide a single, simplified process to contact SolarWinds support that works across all APM Integrated Experience products. Click Support and click Contact Support to open the improved Live Chat client. Select the topic you need assistance with and click Start a chat to be connected to a support team member with knowledge in that topic.

March 2021 - SAML migration and Snap Agent Integration

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Loggly's integration with the rest of the Application Management products is continuing, with the following enhancements:

  • SAML Migration. Loggly has adopted the common, simplified, and flexible SAML authentication in use across the rest of the SolarWinds Application Management products (AppOptics, Papertrail, and Pingdom). For more information about migrating from the Loggly-based SAML authentication to the SolarWinds-based SAML authentication, see SAML Migration.

  • Snap Agent Integration. The SolarWinds Snap Agent updated to make collecting logs easier and more customizable. Kubernetes and syslog log sources are available, logs can be sent to a Loggly http or syslog endpoint, and sending tags to Loggly is now supported.

    Whether used in conjunction with AppOptics or on its own, using the Snap Agent to send logs to Loggly is now a much more powerful option. For more information about the Snap Agent version 4.1.0 release, see the Snap Agent Release Notes.

October 2020 - Logging from Kubernetes Clusters via rKubelog

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With Loggly and the new rKubelog solution, you can quickly and easily implement logging for applications running in Kubernetes clusters. Since rKubelog does not require DaemonSets, sidecars, fluentd or persistent claims, it's one of the only solutions for logging in nodeless clusters, such as EKS on Fargate. But it's also perfect for smaller, local development clusters to setup logging within seconds.

August 18, 2020 - Volume consumption visibility and Teams integration

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In the spirit of being customer inspired, we are excited to introduce the following new features today:

  • The new Log Usage dashboard — provides greater visibility into your log data volume consumption with at-a-glance metrics for log volume and the hosts and services that sent the most logs.

    The Log Usage dashboard is only available to SolarWinds Unified Login users. If you are a Single Sign-On user without SolarWinds Unified Login credentials, click here.

  • Search & Source Group Volume Reporting — shows the detailed volume usage associated with a given Search or Source Group.

  • API endpoints added — to allow programmatic access to event counts and volume usage data.

  • Microsoft Teams alert endpoint — enables customers to send alerts to a Microsoft Teams channel via WebHook.

May 19, 2020 - Search UX and custom parsing rules

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In the spirit of being customer inspired, we are excited to introduce the following new features today:

  • Search UX Improvements

    We’ve implemented the following specific improvements all related to improving Loggly customer UX when searching:

    • Changed the Search help button to say, "Syntax Help," making it easier and quicker to find

    • Reduced the size of the histogram window to now be one-fifth of the search result window, instead of the previous half size. This helps ensure maximized search results visibility—more screen real estate for your logs

    • Emphasized applied filters with a new, more prominent, background color

    • Changed the color of the actions in the search results and reordered for enhanced ease of use (see below):

    • Changed the Expanded View button to make it more visible

    • Changed behavior when changing applied filters—when a filter is changed, the selected source group is respected, smoothing your workflow

    • Removed the non-functional forward/back toggle icons in search

  • Custom Parsing Rules Improvements

    As you may know and have used, Loggly provides the ability to create derived fields, which are user-defined parsing rules. In the past, in cases where the custom parsing rule struggled to parse a new message and reached a timeout threshold, the user would be sent an email that the specific rule has been disabled, which would remain disabled until manually re-enabled by the user in the Loggly user interface.

    We have improved the parser to address this problem. Loggly users should no longer see custom parsing rules disabled automatically due to timeout. If you’ve previously had this issue, you can now re-activate such rules if you wish.

March 10, 2020 - Trial on-boarding improvements and support chat

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In the spirit of being customer inspired, we are excited to introduce two new features today:

  • Significant improvements to the Loggly trial user on-boarding process - Loggly customers can realize the power and value of Loggly only when they have log data loaded and ready to support their trial of key features like search, delighted alerting, and dashboarding - the reasons users evaluate a log management solution in the first place.
  • Introduction of a new live support chat function in Loggly, delivering users the ability to quickly get assistance in unlocking the valuer and power of Loggly.

SAML Migration

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