Documentation forLoggly

Loggly Labs

Loggly Labs gives you access to experimental or beta versions of the latest improvements before they are ready for a full release. Test them out in your systems and offer feedback to our team or in our community forum. We will use your feedback and suggestions to improve them.

Live Tail

Live tail gives a near real-time stream of your logs as they come in, similar to tail -f on unix.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection tells you which field values have had significant changes, which can indicate problems to fix.

AWS S3 Script

Loggly’s S3 script lets you send data from an S3 bucket to Loggly

Apdex Tools

The Apdex Tools script will retrieve numeric data from a field in Loggly, and then insert a second field containing the Apdex score. The Apdex score lets you track the quality of your service from the customer’s perspective, taking into account what is a tolerable response and what is a frustrating response. You can fork and extend this script to insert any calculated metric as a percentiles and more.

Nagios Script

The script reads from the Nagios perfdata file, converts it to JSON, then sends it as bulk data to Loggly.

Convert To Local Timezone

This bookmarklet will convert the timezone in your events view from UTC time to local.

Loggly’s Libraries Catalog

Loggly’s Library Catalog gives you access to dozens of libraries that allow you to send logs from your applications. They are available in almost every popular language from Java to Node. Most of these libraries are open source, community supported, and you can freely fork them for your own needs.

When the APM Integrated Experience is enabled, Loggly shares a common navigation and enhanced feature set with the other integrated experiences' products. How you navigate the product and access its features may vary from these instructions. For more information, go to the APM Integrated Experience documentation.