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Loggly Getting Started Guide

Welcome to the SolarWinds Loggly Getting Started guide.

This guide first walks you through the process of sending your logs to Loggly. It then shows you how to use Loggly to identify, troubleshoot, and find root causes of problems. Finally, you'll see how to monitor for problems on your dashboard and set alerts.

If you have not already signed up to use Loggly, create a new account and try a free, fully-functional version of Loggly for 30 days. Before completing these steps, log in to your Loggly account.

Send Your Logs to Loggly

Configure your Windows or Linux server to send system logs to Loggly, the most common set-up scenario. For other methods of sending log data to Loggly, see Logging Setup.

View Your Loggly Data

Find the exact log data you need quickly and efficiently

Analyze Your Loggly Data

Use charts, filters, and range searches to analyze your logs and find root causes of problems

Monitor Your Loggly Data

Set up alerts, charts, and dashboards to monitor your logs for problems