Documentation forIP Address Manager
Managing IP addresses is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability and is also available in a standalone module, IP Address Manager (IPAM). Hybrid Cloud Observability and IPAM are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Integrate IPAM with VMware vRealize Automation

See Integrate SolarWinds IPAM with VMware vRealize Orchestrator for information on importing the IPAM package into Orchestrator.

vRealize Automation integration

IPAM Endpoint type

  1. Open Design > Workflows > Library > SolarWinds > vRAM, and run Register IPAM Endpoint.
  2. Enter the vRA URL, and administrator credentials, and then click Next and Submit.

    The Endpoint type is registered as shown below.

Register IPAM endpoint

  1. Log in into vRA.
  2. Go to Infrastructure > Endpoints > Endpoints.

  3. Click New > IPAM > SolarWinds.

  4. Enter name, IP address (or hostname of installed IPAM), and SolarWinds credentials.

  5. The following properties can be defined for endpoint connection on the Properties tab.


    Default value



  6. Click OK.

Network profiles and reservations

  1. Go to Infrastructure > Reservations > Network Profiles, and then New > External to create anew network profile.

  2. Define Name, and select SolarWinds in the IPAM endpoint combo box.
  3. Open Network Ranges tab, and select Address Space,

  4. Click Add, and click the search button to display available the subnets in IPAM group.

  5. Select the subnets,click OK, and click OK again to save the profile.
  6. Go to Reservations, edit existing one and assign just created Network Profile for Network Adapter on Network tab.


  1. Open Design > Blueprints and New.

  2. Define Nameand the other.parameters, and click OK.
  3. Add vSphere (vCenter) Machine and Existing Network components to Canvas.
  4. Click Network component, and select Network Profile

  5. Click on the added machine component and:
    • On the Properties tab, add SolarWinds-Default properties.
    • On the Network tab, add network and select used profile,
  6. Click Save.

Publish the blueprint

  1. Open Administration - Catalog Management - Services and click New.

  2. Enter details and click OK.
  3. Open Administration - Catalog Management - Entitlements and click New.
  4. Define name.

  5. On the next tab add Services, and the blueprintyou created.

  6. In the Catalog Items grid, select the blueprint you created, and activate it.

New machine

  1. Click Catalog > SolarWinds IPAM, and then click Request on WS2K12R2 (the blueprint just created).

  2. Select the machine to create.

  3. Define DNS properties if needed.

  4. Click Submit. The VM will appear in the Items grid.