Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Essentialsand IP Address Manager

IPAM licensing and deployment

  • If you are installing IPAM 4.4 or later, see Activate licenses for Orion Platform products.
  • This is the IPAM Legacy Installation Guide for versions 4.2 to 4.3.1.
  • Orion Platform products support both perpetual licenses and subscription licenses. See License types in the Orion Platform help for details.

Before you install IPAM, size your environment. When you properly size your SolarWinds environment, you ensure that the system has enough capability to meet your monitoring needs.

Use the following table to size your SolarWinds environment. If you are deploying multiple Orion Platform products, see the SolarWinds Orion Multiple Product Installation Guide.

Server sizing is impacted by:

  • Number of managed IP addresses and DHCP/DNS nodes
  • Polling frequency: SolarWinds Orion Platform regularly polls devices to collect data and determine status. If you collect statistics more often than the default 5 minute polling rate, system requirements increase.
  • Number of simultaneous users: Add 1 GB of RAM for every 25 simultaneous users.

IPAM is licensed in accordance with the number of IP addresses you manage in one of three statuses: Used, Reserved, and Transient.

Reserved subnet source IP and broadcast IPs are excluded from the license count.

Unused IP addresses do not count towards the managed IP address count. IPAM licensing count is the same for IPv4 and IPv6.

License Number of managed IP addresses DHCP and DNS nodes Deployment Size
IP1000 Up to 1024 1000 Nodes Small
IP4000 Up to 4096 4000 Nodes Small
IP16000 Up to 16384 16000 Nodes Medium
IPX Unlimited Unlimited Nodes Large