Documentation forIP Address Manager
Managing IP addresses is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability and is also available in a standalone module, IP Address Manager (IPAM). Hybrid Cloud Observability and IPAM are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Define system settings for IPAM

After you have installed and configured IPAM, you can edit the system settings to set variables to address your specific needs.

  1. Click Settings > All Settings > IPAM Settings.
  2. Click System Settings in the Settings section.
  3. Edit settings as required.

    General Settings
    Enable Duplicated Subnets

    Enable this option to be able to create subnets that duplicate or overlap an existing subnet. If you have this setting enabled, IPAM will merge the status from multiple DHCP server scopes into one subnet (rather than having different subnets for each server’s scope).

    For example, if an MSP has customers on duplicate internal addresses, you could create the duplicate space and give the subnet a different name.

    Enable New User InterfaceCheck this box to use the new layout for the DHCP & DNS Management view. This is enabled by default.
    Critical LevelDefine the Critical threshold for IP address space percentage usage in subnets and supernets. Subnets or supernets will be flagged with a red icon if at or above the critical threshold.
    Warning LevelDefine the Warning threshold for IP address space percentage usage in subnets and supernets. Subnets or supernets with a yellow icon if between the warning and critical levels.
    Configuration Defaults
    Subnet scan enabled When unchecked, the subnet scanning will be disabled in default.
    Scan interval The default interval between scans.
    Automatically add IP addresses Check to automatically add IP addresses when subnets are created.
    CIDR The default CIDR value.
      Visual settings
    Tree sort by address Disable will sort items in tree branch by 'Display Name' (rather than Address).
    Tree max items Maximum number of shown items per tree branch on Subnet Management page.
    Network view items The page size for Network view grid (Group view).
    IP Address view items The page size for IP Address view grid.
    Personal settings
    Parent change notification message

    Enable this option to display a notification message whenever you edit a parent account’s specific custom roles.

    ISC and BIND Settings
    No preserve timestampsEnable this option if you do not want to preserve timestamps for configuration backup.

  4. Click Save.