Documentation forIP Address Manager
Managing IP addresses is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability and is also available in a standalone module, IP Address Manager (IPAM). Hybrid Cloud Observability and IPAM are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Create a range of IP addresses in a subnet

It can be useful to deal with IP addresses in terms of a defined IP address range within a subnet (for example, to in a / 24 subnet), especially when you have large subnets.

The following procedure adds a range of IP addresses within a defined subnet.

By default, IPAM displays all IP addresses in a subnet if the selected subnet contains 4,096 or fewer IP addresses (/20 or and higher mask). For smaller subnets, it is not necessary to add IP address ranges for monitoring unless you have previously deleted the addresses in the range you want to add.

  1. Click IP Address Manager > IP Addresses > Manage Subnets & IP Addresses.
  2. In the network tree pane on the left, click the subnet to which you want to add your new IP address range.
  3. Click Add IP Range.

  4. Enter the starting IP address and the ending IP address of your IP address range.

    IP address ranges cannot be defined outside the subnet indicated in the Parent Address field.

  5. Click Save.