Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Essentialsand IP Address Manager

Request an IP Address using the IP Request link

When a user without an SolarWinds Platform login requires one or more IP addresses, they should use the following procedure:

The user will need an IP Request link. This will either be static or will end with an access token depending on the security option in force.

For example:

  • - if it is a static link
  • - if an access token is required

The user should contact their IPAM administrator if they do not have this link or it does not work.

  1. Enter the IP Request link in the address bar of the browser.

    The IP Address Request page is displayed.

  2. Select the number of IP addresses required.
  3. (Optional) Enter any comments regarding this request.
  4. Enter contact information, and click Request Address(es).

    All fields except those marked as Optional must be completed.

  5. When the user clicks Request Address(es) a conformation message is displayed, telling them their request has been sent to the administrator and they will be contacted shortly.

    Within the SolarWinds Platform, an alert is created and displayed on the All Active Alerts page in the SolarWinds Web Console. For information on processing the request, see Process IP request alerts.