Documentation forIP Address Manager

DHCP Impersonation

Before IPAM 2020.2.5 and earlier:

IPAM impersonates the specified account on the local machine to gain access to the resources on remote DHCP server. If the IPAM machine is not within the same Windows domain as the DHCP server, the IPAM machine must have the identical account and password.

From IPAM 2020.2.6:

IPAM still uses impersonation but there is no need to have matching local account on IPAM machine to be able to successfully manage and monitor remote Windows DHCP servers.

When adding a DHCP server, specify the Windows credentials as follows:

  • If there is a Windows domain associated with the DHCP server, specify the username as: domain_name\username
  • Otherwise, specify username as: dhcp_server_ip\username or \username