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Assign a subnet to an orphan IP address in IPAM

After you import IP addresses from a spreadsheet, it is possible that one or more IP addresses may have been imported without being assigned to a managed subnet. In order to properly manage your network, Orion IPAM requires that all IP addresses are assigned to a managed subnet, even if the managed subnet contains only a single IP address.

If Orion IPAM is unable to locate a configured subnet for each imported IP address, a warning banner is displayed.

The following procedure assigns parent subnets to orphaned IP addresses to enable their management by Orion IPAM.

If you try to manage more IP addresses than your current license limit, IPAM adds as many IP addresses as it can. The remaining addresses are added as orphaned IP addresses.

  1. Click Assign parent subnets to orphaned IPs in the warning banner.
  2. Select a single orphaned IP address.
  3. Click Assign Subnet.
  4. If you do not want to use the default subnet name, enter a subnet name for the parent subnet. The default subnet name is made by connecting the subnet address and the CIDR prefix length.
  5. If you do not want to use the default subnet address and CIDR prefix length provided by Orion IPAM, enter a new subnet address and CIDR prefix length for the parent subnet.

    Orion IPAM suggests both a subnet address and a CIDR prefix length based on the orphaned IP address.

  6. The Description, VLAN ID, and Location for the new parent subnet fields are optional.
  7. Enter the Scan Interval.
  8. If you do not want Orion IPAM to automatically scan your parent subnet for changes, select Disable Automatic Scanning.
  9. Click Save.