Documentation forServ-U MFT & Serv-U FTP Server

User properties

User properties can be created at the server or domain level. Settings at the user level override all others.

User Information Basic information required for this user.
Directory Access Create rules set up to determine which directories this user has access to.
Virtual Paths Link physical paths outside the directory structure of a user's home directory into the directory listings received by that user.
Logging Configure the messages to be logged, the log file path and other logging parameters.
Groups The groups to which this user belongs.
Events (MFT only) Create actions such as emails and tray icon messages to be automatically triggered by events specific to this group.
IP Access Create IP access rules for users in this group.
Limited and Settings Configure limits and settings specific to this users. These can apply at specific time on specific days.
Domain multifactor authentication These settings determine whether multifactor authentication is disabled, enabled, or enforced for a user.