Documentation forServ-U MFT & Serv-U FTP Server

Domain Groups: Windows Groups

You can use Window groups to apply common permissions and settings such as IP restrictions and bandwidth throttles to Windows users.

All Windows users are members of the default Windows group. You can create additional Windows groups to assign different permissions and settings to different groups of Windows users.

Windows group membership is determined by the hierarchical OU (organizational unit) membership of each Windows user. For example, a user in the My Business > Accounting > red team OU tree would be a member of the My Business > Accounting > red team Windows group on Serv-U, if that group exists.

Membership in one or more Windows Groups is required if the Require fully-qualified group membership for login option is selected on the Windows Groups page. If this option is selected and Windows users cannot be matched up to at least one Windows group, they are not be allowed to log in.

Configure a Windows user group

Administrators can allow clients to log in to the file server using the local Windows user database or one that is made accessible through a domain server. These user accounts do not exist in the local Serv-U user database and cannot be configured on an individual basis. To aid in configuring these accounts, all users logged in through this method belong to the Default Windows User Group. Clicking this button allows this group to be configured like normal. However, changes that are made to this group only apply to Windows user accounts.