Documentation forServ-U MFT & Serv-U FTP Server

Serv-U server details

If you configure details at the server level, the settings apply to all users, groups, and domains on the server unless overridden at a lower level. Settings you can configure at the server level include directory access rules, IP access rules, bandwidth limitations, global user accounts, and more. The following sections contain detailed information about each setting and how it can be configured.

Tab Description
IP Access Set up and maintain Server IP access rules so that specific IP address can be allowed or denied access to all your file server domains. These rules are checked when a physical connection is established with the file server, and before a welcome message is sent.
Serv-U Gateway The optional Serv-U Gateway module is an optional reverse-proxy component that will safely terminate file transfer connections in the DMZ to avoid inbound connections or storing data in the DMZ. See The Serv-U Gateway for more information about this product.
Database If you have an external database you can load users and groups from it. The database must have an ODBC driver installed and must exist as an ODBC data source on the system. Users and groups loaded in this manner that conflict with locally created users and groups are overridden.
Events MFT only: Events let you automatically run programs, send email and show messages when triggered by Serv-U activities.
License Information

Displays information about your Serv-U license, including restrictions, limitations, and upgrade information.

This tab is also where you enter or upgrade your Serv-U license.

Program Information Displays information pertaining to the entire file server.
Server Identity Create, export or import the Serv-U Server Identity used in creating entirely unique password encryption for client information.