Documentation forServ-U MFT & Serv-U FTP Server

Legacy Serv-U Web Client Pro Preferences

From Serv-U 15.3, Serv-U includes a new and improved web client. However, the Legacy Serv-U Web Client is still available. Click here to access the documentation for the new client.

On the preferences page, you can change Web Client Pro settings according to individual needs. The following section contains information about the settings you can change.

Confirmation options

Disabling any of the following options removes confirmations from the given action. For example, disabling Confirm upload overwrite allows users to overwrite existing files without confirmation, while disabling Confirm file delete allows files to be deleted without confirmation.

  • Confirm upload overwrite and 'resume'
  • Confirm download overwrite and 'resume'
  • Confirm upload folder merge
  • Confirm download folder merge
  • Confirm file delete
  • Confirm folder delete
  • Confirm folder relists when restarting transfers

Transfer pane

Options in the transfer pane menu affect transfer operations and the display options of the transfer pane.

Number of Threads (1-10) By default, Web Client Pro transfers four files at a time. However, you can decrease this for faster performance on slower systems, or increase on higher-performance systems.
Enable Row Colors Enabling row colors will alternate coloring of rows in the transfer pane for users who want even and odd rows to be identified. The colors can be selected as well.
Automatically Expand New Transfer Groups Transfer Groups or Operation Groups are expanded by default to show a list of all files and folders being operated upon. This option can be disabled.
Automatically Start New Transfer Items By default, new transfers are started immediately. You can disable this setting so that operations can be queued, then started on demand.
Automatically Remove Completed Transfers The transfer pane does not automatically clear completed items, allowing users to review transferred items before clearing the list. This can be set to automatically clear items that are successfully transferred. Failed transfers, or operations that encountered an error, are left in the list for review.