Documentation forServ-U MFT & Serv-U FTP Server

Serv-U domain level settings

Serv-U settings can be defined at four levels: global, domain, group and user. Although some settings are specific to the level, many can be defined at multiple levels. If you configure a setting at the domain level, the setting applies to all users and groups, in that specific domain unless overridden at the group or user level.

The domain settings are divided into the following areas, each accessible from the navigation column.

Domain Details

Displays information pertaining to this domain, including access rules, license, and registration information.


Create, modify, and delete domain user accounts for all domains on the file server.


Create, modify, and delete domain groups for use by global accounts on the file server.


Configure the basic directory structure available to all users on this domain, including default directory access rules and virtual paths.

Limits & Settings

Limits and settings are used to configure the basic settings and behavior for the domain, including FTP command processor customization and SSL/SSH encryption and certificate options. Limits and settings configured at this level are inherited by all groups and users.

Domain Activity

Displays information about and allows management of user sessions across this domain. The log tab displays domain-wide messages and information.