Documentation forServ-U MFT & Serv-U FTP Server

Legacy Serv-U Web Client Pro layout

From Serv-U 15.3, Serv-U includes a new and improved web client. However, the Legacy Serv-U Web Client is still available. Click here to access the documentation for the new client.

Web Client Pro provides file transfer using a Java applet within the web browser, providing a balance between the ease of use in the Web Client and the advanced file transfer capabilities of FTP Voyager JV. With Web Client Pro, you can upload or download multiple files and folders quickly and easily, with a detailed Transfer Pane for easy review of ongoing transfers.

The Web Client Pro is displayed as an additional area below the normal Web Client toolbar, and is separated into two sections:

  • The Transfer Pane, providing a list of pending or ongoing operations.
  • The Web Client Pro toolbar, used to manage the transactions and operations.