Documentation forServ-U MFT & Serv-U FTP Server

Serv-U user interface conventions

SolarWinds Serv-U File Server uses a consistent method of representing configuration options in a manner that conveys the current value of the option, and also indicates whether that value is the default or the inherited value.

When an option inherits its value from a parent, the text of the option is displayed in regular font. The value that is displayed (whether it is a text value or a check box) can change to reflect changes made to the parent where the item is currently inheriting its value.

However, if the value is overriding the default, the text of the value is displayed in bold. The value that is currently displayed is always the value of that option, regardless of changes to its parent.

Example use case

X-Ample Technology is a computer repair company that maintains a SolarWinds Serv-U File Server, which provides global access to shared corporate resources to their traveling technicians. Each technician has their own account on the file server. To facilitate easy administration of the user accounts, the file server administrator makes each user account a member of the "Technician" group. The Administration Privilege level of this group is set to No Privilege because none of the technicians have any file server administration duties.

A technician receives a promotion. In addition to his current duties, he is also given administration privileges on the file server so he can assist other technicians with their accounts. The file server administrator can edit the technician's user account and change the technician's Administration Privilege level to Domain Administrator. The text of this option turns bold to reflect that it is overriding the default value (No Privilege) that the user account inherits from its membership of the "Technician" group.

At a later date, the Administration Privilege can be reverted to the default value which is inherited from the "Technician" group by selecting Inherit Default Value from the Administration Privilege list.