Documentation forServ-U MFT & Serv-U FTP Server

Serv-U domain details

If you configure details at the domain level, the setting applies to all users, and groups in this domain unless overridden at the group or user level. The following sections contain detailed information about each setting and how it can be configured.

Tab Description
Settings Make changes to the domain name and description, and domain home directory.
Listeners A listener defines how a domain accepts incoming connections.
Virtual Hosts Virtual hosts are used to access a specific domain when listeners are being shared by multiple domains.
IP Access Domain IP access rules are checked when a client computer attempts to connect to a domain, either directly or through a virtual domain method. These access rules apply only to this domain.
Database Serv-U can use an external database to load additional users and groups. The database must have an ODBC driver installed and must exist as an ODBC data source on the system. Users and groups loaded in this manner that conflict with locally created users and groups are overridden.
Events Events are used to automatically run programs, send email and show tray icon messages when triggered.