Documentation forServ-U MFT & Serv-U FTP Server

The Serv-U Web Client

The Serv-U client is a simple, straightforward FTP client provided with both versions of Serv-U. It enables users to log in to the Serv-U file server and access all of their files without needing to use an external FTP client or presenting any unnecessary options or distractions.

Accessing the Client

Administrators can access the client from the Serv-U console by selecting Client from the tools drop-down menu.

Users access the client by logging into your web server. They are then presented with the web client according to how it has been configured for that particular user, or asking them which web client they want to use. For information on configuring a user, see Add a Serv-U User.

The Legacy Serv-U Web Client is still available. Click here to access the documentation for the legacy client.