Documentation forDameware Remote & Mini Remote Control

Log into the Dameware Administration Console

This topic applies to both Remote Support and Mini Remote Control.

The Dameware Administration Console is used to manage Dameware licenses, users, and Global Host Lists

To log in to the Dameware Administration Console, collect the following:

  • The Dameware Central Server IP address or host name
  • The Dameware service port number (the default port number is 6133)

Before you begin, ensure that you have installed Dameware.

  • You can assign administrator privileges to any user.
  • The default administrator account does not affect your license count because it is not licensed to use Dameware Remote Support, Dameware Mini Remote Control, or the Dameware Mobile Client.
  1. From your Desktop or the Start menu, launch the Dameware Administration Console.
  2. Enter the Central Server IP address or host name, and port number.

    The default port number is 6133.

  3. Use the following table to select an authentication method.
    Dameware authenticationThis is the most common authentication method where user accounts are independent of other credentials. If a user account is not assigned administrator privileges, the user cannot log in to the Administrator Console.
    Windows authenticationUse this authentication if the Administration Console and the Central Server are located in the same domain or are in different domains and have a trust relationship between them. To enable Windows authentication, synchronize a user account with the Active Directory server on the Dameware Central Server. A user cannot log in to the Administrator Console if the user account does not have administrator privileges.
  4. Click Connect to Server.

    The Dameware Central Server Administration Console window opens.

When I log in, I see the following error message. What should I do?

This message displays because you have purchased Dameware Mini Remote Control Centralized, and the default user account is a Dameware Remote Support user instead of a Dameware Mini Remote Control user. Until this is changed, Dameware Mini Remote Control users cannot connect to the Central Server.

To change the default Dameware Remote Support user to a Dameware Mini Remote Control user:

  1. Click OK on the message.
  2. Select the user check box, and click Edit on the Action bar.

    The Edit Existing User dialog box opens.

  3. Select the Dameware Mini Remote Control Only license type, and click Save Changes.