Documentation forDameware Remote & Mini Remote Control

Specify the Internet Session URL in Dameware

The Internet Session URL is the base URL that all users see when initializing or joining an Internet Session. For example, the bold section of the following Internet Session link is the Internet Session URL that you set in the Configuration Wizard.

This Internet Session URL can be an IP address or domain name. You can use an IP address or domain name that you already have, or you can create a custom path. If you create a custom path, this path cannot already exist in your Web directory. Dameware creates the virtual path using the entry you provide in the Internet Session URL field. The Dameware Internet Proxy may not start if the path already exists.

The Internet Session URL must be accessible from the Internet. If it is not accessible, users cannot join an Internet Session. See Modify your firewall or router for more information about accessing the Dameware Internet Proxy from the Internet.

  • You cannot use special characters in the Internet Session URL.
  • Only HTTPs protocol is allowed. HTTP protocol is automatically updated to HTTPs during installation of Dameware Server 12.0.
  • If you change the port for the Internet Session URL, the Configuration Wizard automatically verifies the bounded certificate on the new port.