Documentation forDameware Remote & Mini Remote Control

Modify Dameware client agent permissions to enable or prevent non-administrator access

By default, a remote computer prompts the end user each time a non-administrator attempts to access the computer. The remote user must grant access for the non-administrator to connect. When permission is not granted, the non-administrator cannot access the remote computer. A technician or the remote user can configure the client agent to grant non-administrator access without the remote user's permission.

The client agent can also be configured to require an administrator account before a connection can be made. An administrator is any user that is a member of the local administrator group.

  • To modify the client agent service, the technician must connect with an administrator account.
  • You must use an administrator account to connect to a 32-bit agent that has been installed on a 64-bit computer.

Permission settings on the Access tab are hierarchical.

Example 1: If Allow only administrators to connect is selected, only administrators can connect. The system disregards all other settings on the Access tab.

Example 2: If both Allow only administrators to connect AND Must be member of one of the following group(s) are selected, then only an administrator from the selected group can access the computer. Non-administrators from the group are also prevented from accessing the computer.

Example 3: If Allow only administrators to connect is cleared, and Must be member of one of the following group(s) is selected, then only users in the selected group can access the computer.

  1. On the remote computer, right-click the client agent service in the system tray, and select Settings.
  2. In the Mini Remote Control Properties dialog box, click Access.
  3. To enable non-administrator access to connect to the client agent, clear the following check boxes:
    • Allow only administrators to connect
    • Permission required for these account types
    • Disconnect if at the Logon Desktop
    • View Only for these account types

    When a technician connects to the client agent as a non-administrator, a non-dismissible dialog box displays a message that the client is running in Non-Administrator Mode.

  4. To require administrator access, select Allow only administrators to connect.
  5. To allow a group of users access to the remote computer, select Must be member of one of the following group(s), click Add, and choose a group.
  6. Click OK.