Documentation forDameware Remote & Mini Remote Control

Create a Global Host List in Dameware

If you have a small number of hosts, you can manually add them to the Global Host List. If you have a large number of hosts, you can save time by importing the hosts from Active Directory or from a file.

  1. Log into the Administration Console.
  2. Click Global Hosts.
  3. In the action toolbar, click Add Host.
  4. Enter the host name or IP address.
  5. Select the Protocol Type.

    See Dameware Mini Remote Control connection and authentication methods in the Dameware Centralized Getting Started Guide for more information.

  6. Click Add Host.
  7. To edit a host:
    1. Select a host.
    2. Click Edit Host on the Action bar.
    3. Modify the host entry.
    4. Save your changes.