Documentation forDameware Remote & Mini Remote Control

Save Dameware credentials and session information in Web Help Desk

When you close a session in Web Help Desk Integration mode, you are prompted for your Web Help Desk (WHD) credentials. Because Dameware and Web Help Desk are separate applications with separate authentication methods, prompting you for your credentials prevents authentication issues when creating or modifying a Web Help Desk ticket with Dameware information. The first time you enter your user name and password, you can store the credentials so that you are not prompted each time you close a session.

  1. After you close a session in Web Help Desk Integration mode, enter you WHD user name or email address and password.

    You may need to confirm the location of WHD in the Connection details tab.

  2. If you are presented with a certificate, accept it.

    If you do not accept the certificate, you cannot upload information to the WHD ticket.

  3. To store your credentials in Dameware, select Remember and do not show again.
  4. To delete your credentials, open Dameware and click View > Local Global Options > Additional Options.

    After you delete your credentials, you are prompted for your credentials the next time you log in to WHD.