Documentation forEngineer's Toolset

What Network Performance Monitor offers

Toolset Network Performance Monitor provides two different levels of monitoring:

Devices that support SNMP

Can be monitored for network latency and packet loss, provide traffic statistics, and supply detailed management information.

Devices that do not support SNMP

Can provide network latency and packet loss information.

Toolset Network Performance Monitor provides an ideal solution for the following needs:

  • Monitoring the bandwidth utilization of your WAN circuits.
  • Isolating traffic bottlenecks within your network.
  • Graphing real time results.
  • Identifying high traffic nodes.
  • Building customized reports.
  • Alerting on any of over 150 network properties.
  • Posting charts and reports on the web using the HTML Publish feature.
  • Engineer's Toolset provides detailed statistics collection for analysis, troubleshooting, and diagnostics, the embedded database is not intended for long-term monitoring of networks with more than 500 network elements and has a 2GB limit on stored data.

    If you have a larger network or require data retention longer than 30 days, we recommend upgrading to SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM). NPM is the perfect complement to Toolset real time network analysis and diagnostic capabilities. NPM provides support for thousands of interfaces, virtually unlimited storage using a Microsoft SQL database back end, and includes a web-based interface that can access network availability and both real time and historical statistics.

  • Devices are not required to be on the same network.