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Ping Sweep

Ping Sweep is used to scan a range of IP addresses using ICMP pings. Ping Sweep can scan a range of IP addresses and show which IP addresses are in use and which ones are currently free. Ping Sweep can also look up the DNS name for each IP address using your configured DNS and WINS servers. Ping Sweep performs a fast ICMP sweep of your IP address range and presents the results in an easy to use worksheet.

To use the Ping Sweep tool:

  1. From Launch Pad, click Network Discovery.
  2. Select Ping Sweep.
  3. Click Launch.
  4. Enter a comma-delimited list of IP addresses to scan.

    You can enter a range using dashes, you can use wildcards (* and ?), and you can use subnet identifiers.


  5. To use a file containing a large IP range, click From File, then select the file.

    The file is parsed and each line specifies a multiple range of IPs.

  6. Select Responding, Not Responding, or All in the Scan for list, and then click Start Ping Sweep.
  7. To export the results, complete the following procedure.
    1. Click , then click Export Table.
    2. Select the items you want to export.
    3. Select the format o export to from the Export Format options.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Enter the file name you want to save the export as, and then click Save.
  8. To add a device that was discovered, drag the device IP address from the Ping Sweep results table to the Devices tab in Workspace Studio.