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Filter subnet addresses

The addresses within each subnet can be filtered to display the following discovered addresses:

All addresses in the subnet Provides a list of all addresses listed in IP address order.
Used addresses in the subnet Provides a list of only the IP addresses that have responded to an IP address Management scan. These IP addresses are currently in use and should not be used when assigning addresses to new devices.
Available addresses in the subnet Displays IP addresses that have never responded and are marked available. These addresses can be assigned to new devices.
Reserved addresses in the subnet Displays the IP addresses that you have marked as reserved for future use. You should Reserve an IP address when assigning it to a device. You can reserve an IP address by clicking the IP address and pressing R on the keyboard or by clicking on the IP address and selecting Address Status > Reserved.

Filter discovered subnet list

Click View, and then select the filter you want to use.

  • All Addresses
  • Used Addresses
  • Reserved Addresses
  • Available Addresses