Documentation forEngineer's Toolset

Upgrade Engineer's Toolset

If you're upgrading Engineer's Toolset for the Web, use the SolarWinds Platform Installer and follow the instructions for upgrading SolarWinds Platform products to upgrade Engineer's Toolset for the Web.

To upgrade to the current version of Engineer's Toolset for Desktop, find the option that matches your implementation in the following list.

Choose ONE of the following options:

To upgrade your installation without needing to reactivate your license:

  • If you have Engineer's Toolset for Desktop 11.0.6 or newer (including any version following the newer version numbering scheme, starting with ETS Desktop 2020.2), you can upgrade directly to the latest version available in the Customer Portal.
  • ETS Desktop versions earlier than 11.0.6 cannot be upgraded directly to the newest available version. To upgrade Engineer's Toolset for Desktop versions 11.0.6 or earlier, use the upgrade path in the following table. Download the installers you need from the Customer Portal, and run them one at a time.
    Current versionVersion to upgrade to
    10.9 or earlier11.0
    11.0.6latest version available in the Customer Portal

Alternatively, you can uninstall your current Engineer's Toolset for Desktop version and directly install the latest version:

  • You will need to enter your current license activation key. You can download the latest version of ETS for Desktop and find your license key in the Customer Portal.