Documentation forEngineer's Toolset

Route viewer

The Route Viewer gadget collects data from multiple network devices and then displays the tables together in one view.

  1. Click Gadgets > Tools > Discovery Tools, and then drag the Route Viewer gadget to a tab.
  2. Drag devices from the Devices tab to the Devices to search list.
  3. To use the gadget with devices that are not in the explorer pane, enter the IP addressorhost name of the device you want to add, and then select the credentials used to communicate with the device. See Add device credentials.
  4. Click Go.
  5. To view the Route table information for a device, expand the device name in the list.
  6. To add or remove columns to be displayed, complete the following procedure.
    1. Click , and then click Gadget Settings.
    2. Click the Select Columns tab.
    3. Add or remove the columns you want to display, and then click OK.
  7. To export the results, complete the following procedure.
    1. Click , and then click Export Table.
    2. Select the items you want to export.
    3. Select the format you want to export to from the Export Format options.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Enter the file name, and then click Save.