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IP Network Browser FAQs

How do I create a Community String?

For Cisco routers there is a brief overview on the Cisco @Web page ( If you have a different router, please refer to that manufacturer home page for specific instructions on how to configure and change Community Strings.

Is IP Network Browser specific to Cisco devices only, or can it be used to discover details about any device?

The SolarWinds IP Network Browser is not specific to Cisco devices. It can discover any device with an IP address. If the device has an SNMP agent and the correct SNMP community string is included in the IP Network Browser Settings, IP Network Browser discovers a great deal more about the device.

IP Network Browser inherently understands hundreds of types of devices and will discover different details about each. For example: User Accounts, Shares, and Running Services are discovered about Windows workstations and servers. For Cisco routers, the tool discovers IOS levels, the cards in each slot, flash memory details, interface details, frame relay DLCIs and their statuses, among other information.

When expanding the results I get a message saying: "ActiveX component can't create object"

This occurs if a component of your SolarWinds tools has been deleted or moved. This is easily resolved by re-installing the toolset. Your existing license will still work and you will NOT need to re-register.

I cannot seem to download a Cisco configuration file. What am I doing wrong?

  • Are you using the read and write community string?

    Click Router > Verify Community String and ensure you have the read and write community string.

  • Ensure an access control list (ACL) on the router is not blocking SNMP queries.

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