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Modify Enhanced Ping settings

Enhanced Ping can modify ICMP polling intervals, ICMP timeout, packet time-to-live, and the data size and contents of the actual ICMP packet.

  1. Click Nodes > Settings.
  2. Click on the Polling tab, and then specify the values:
    Poll Intervalenables you to change how often to check the response time of each node.
    ICMP Timeoutdesignates the amount of time to wait for a PING response before assuming the IP address is no longer responding. If you expect devices to respond quickly and would like any delays over 300 milliseconds to be flagged as a problem, set the PING Timeout to 300 milliseconds. Enhanced Ping then considers PING responses taking longer than 300 milliseconds as lost.
    Packet Time-To-Livesenables you to specify the number of hops allowed during a trip to the specified IP address. With a setting of 32, your test could pass through 32 different routers before being discarded by the network.
  3. Click the Packet Size tab, and then specify the following value:

    Data portion of ICMP packet: you can enter the additional text in the window to increase the packet size or delete text to reduce the packet size. Most PING tests require only a small amount of data.