Documentation forEngineer's Toolset

MIB Browser

The MIB Browser utilizes SolarWinds extensive MIB (Management Information Base) database of over a thousand standard and proprietary MIBs. An MIB Browser is a core fundamental tool for network engineers. It enables an engineer to query a remote device for software and hardware configurations via SNMP. It also enables an engineer to make changes to the remote device. The remote device could be a router, switch, hub, server, firewall, or any other device that supports SNMP.

The most critical part of any MIB Browser is the number of standard and proprietary MIBs it supports. Without the correct MIBs, the data collected from a remote device is difficult to interpret and use. SolarWinds MIB Browser is shipped with over 250,000 precompiled unique OIDs from hundreds of standard and vendor MIBs. SolarWinds engineers continually update the MIB database with the latest MIBs. Updates to the MIB database are available periodically to SolarWinds subscription customers.

Another common use for a MIB Browser is to find out what MIBs and OIDs are supported on a particular device. The SolarWinds MIB Browser enables an engineer to easily walk any MIB Tree (even if the MIB tree is not in the SolarWinds database) and determine what MIBs a particular piece of hardware supports. This is important when determining the SNMP OIDs from which to collect statistics or to monitor. The SolarWinds MIB Browser automatically analyzes the results from each SNMP query and displays the information in a readable form.

The query results windows are also customizable. An engineer can select the type of information to be displayed for each SNMP query. OIDs, defining MIB, access (read-only, read and write, no access), OID status (standard, deprecated, obsolete), raw value, cooked value, English description, and other properties can be displayed while querying a remote device.