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Switch Port Mapper

The Switch Port Mapper tool remotely discovers the devices connected to each port on a switch or hub. Additionally, Switch Port Mapper discovers the MAC address, IP address, and host name of connected devices, as well as details about each port.

Port mapping is accomplished by discovering and correlating port information to MAC address and IP address information. The MAC and IP address information is discovered through a Layer 3 device such as a router or server directly connected to the same subnet as the switch or hub.

Switches and hubs that support the BRIDGE-MIB can be mapped. If you are not sure if your device supports the BRIDGE-MIB, try to use the tool. Many devices support MIB. Device details for Switches and Hubs that do not support BRIDGE-MIB cannot be discovered.

Using the Ping Sweep gadget to sweep the subnet before running Switch Port Mapper improves the details of the mapping by preloading the ARP table of the router. See Ping Sweep.

Switch Port Mapper integrates with previous versions of Toolset and Network Configuration Manager.