Documentation forEngineer's Toolset

Save discovery in HTML

The Engineer's edition of IP Network Browser can save the current discovered information as an HTML page that can be published to your Web server. You must first discover node details and expand the corresponding tree items to include details in the HTML version of the discovery. For example, if you have discovered a Windows Server, and would like the user accounts included in the saved file, you must first expand the accounts tree so the account details are also discovered.

  1. Click File > Publish to Web.
  2. Select the nodes to include, and then click Next.
  3. Select the discovery groups you want included in the report, and then click Next.
    Discovery groups include accounts, routes, shares, and other information discovered through SNMP. Your discovery results may not include all the groups. Results depend on the discovered device enter and what it supports.
  4. Specify whether or not to include the SNMP community strings, and then click Publish.