Documentation forEngineer's Toolset


Toolset Network Performance Monitor generates alerts for network events you want to monitor. You can customize alerts in many ways:

  • Notify different people on different days.
  • Notify at different times of the day.
  • Notify different people for different events.
  • Notify using any combination of times, events, and people.

You can set alerts to notify people or other monitoring programs using several different modes:

  • Send an e-mail or page.
  • Play a sound on the NPM machine.
  • Log details to a file.
  • Log details to the Windows Event Log.
  • Send a Syslog message.
  • Execute an external program.
  • Execute a Visual Basic script.
  • E-mail a webpage.
  • Change the value of an interface or node property.
  • Play a text to speech output.
  • Send a Windows Net Message (net send).
  • Dial a Paging or SMS Service.
  • Send an SNMP trap.
  • Post a URL to a web server.