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SNMP Brute Force Attack

SNMP Brute Force Attack floods an IP address with SNMP queries to attempt to determine the SNMP read-only and read and write community strings. It does this by trying every possible community string. You can specify the character set to build words and the maximum length of the community strings to try.

  1. Enter the IP address of the device you want to attack, and then click Attack.
  2. To change the attack speed, adjust the Attach Speed slider.

    If you attack too fast, the network or the target device may begin dropping packets. The Packet Drops line can be a good indicator that packets are being dropped, but the Packet Drop line only increments when SNMP Brute Force Attack knows it is definitely dropping packets. Packets may still be discarded without SNMP Brute Force Attack detecting it.

  3. To stop the pause the attack, click Pause.

    After pausing, clicking Attack resumes where SNMP Brute Force Attack was paused.