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Poll on demand

Manually poll objects

  • Nodes
  • Interfaces
  • Volumes

Polling requests from the object. If the object has SNMP communication enabled, the manual poll pulls statistics. If SNMP is not available, the manual poll uses ICMP communication and returns only those values. You can see the immediate results of a manual poll on the details window of the object you poll. For more information, see the following sections:

Poll a node

  1. Select the node in the tree pane.
  2. Click Nodes > Node Details.
  3. Click Poll.

Poll an interface

  1. Browse to, and then select the interface in the tree pane.
  2. Click Interfaces > Interface Details.
  3. Click Poll.

Poll a volume

  1. Browse to the volume in the tree pane, and then right-click the volume you want to poll.
  2. Click Volume Details.
  3. Click Poll.