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Engineer's Toolset Getting Started Guide

This guide picks up right after the Engineer's Toolset installation process and walks you through a short introduction of Engineer's Toolset for Desktop and Engineer's Toolset for the Web.

Who this guide is for

New Users Existing Users
This guide is meant for new users and is the best place to start with Engineer's Toolset.

Existing users can find more advanced information in the Engineer's Toolset Administrator's Guide.


The difference between Engineer's Toolset for Desktop and Engineer's Toolset for the Web

There are two different versions of Engineer's Toolset, and each version is fundamentally different. Each version has its own license, its own installation process, and its own system requirements. They do not depend on each other or interact, and you can install both versions onto the same computer.

Purchasing Engineer's Toolset gives you full licensed access to both Engineer's Toolset for Desktop and Engineer's Toolset for the Web. Or if you're evaluating Engineer's Toolset, you can use both versions without restriction during the 14-day evaluation period.


Get Started with Engineer's Toolset for Desktop

Engineer's Toolset for Desktop is a standalone package intended to be installed on a network engineer's workstation. It includes more than 50 tools that help troubleshoot networking issues.

Install Engineer's Toolset for Desktop - If you haven't yet installed Engineer's Toolset for Desktop, see the Installation Guide.
Engineer's Toolset Launch Pad - Use the Launch Pad to find the appropriate tool for the job.

Engineer's Toolset Workspace Studio - Once you've found the tools, use Workspace Studio to organize them in a personalized way that fits your work flow.


Get Started with Engineer's Toolset for the Web

Engineer's Toolset for the Web is an SolarWinds Platform product. Like all SolarWinds Platform products, Engineer's Toolset for the Web uses the SolarWinds Platform Web Console and can be integrated and used with other Orion Platform products.

Install Engineer's Toolset for Web - If you haven't yet installed Engineer's Toolset for Web, see the Installation Guide.
Log into the SolarWinds Platform Web Console to use Engineer's Toolset for the Web
Access and use Engineer's Toolset tools in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console