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Task Factory Expressions

Unsupported: The Property Expressions Editor and Expression Builder are launched from Task Factory as a convenience, but they are not part of the Task Factory software. This article shows how they are accessed from Task Factory and provides a simple example of linking them to the options available for the Task Factory component. Please refer to official Microsoft documentation for assistance with these SSIS features.


Some components have an Expressions button which allows you to build expressions with the property values associated with the task. It uses values in the package with the operators and functions that are available as part of the core SSIS engine. This allows you to build expressions without having to leave the dialog to configure them.

Note:  If you're looking for information about the Expressiontask, see the Task Factory Expression article.


The expressions are built using native expressions in SSIS.

Additional Information: For help with using native expressions in SSIS, see the Integrations Services (SSIS) Expressions article from Microsoft Docs.

Property Expressions Editor

Additional Information: For help with using the Property Expressions Editor, see the Use Property Expressions in Packages article from Microsoft Docs.

Select the Expressions button to open the Property Expressions Editor.

Task Factory Secure FTP Task Expressions option

Note:  If the Task Factory component doesn't have an Expressions button:
  1. Right click the task.
  2. Select Properties.
    Task Factory File Gateway Task select Properties > Expressions
  3. Select into the Expressions option to enable the ellipsis button.
    Properties Expressions column select ... (ellipsis)
  4. Select the ellipsis button to launch the Property Expressions Editor.

The Property Expressions Editor provides the ability to parameterize any of the options available for the Task Factory component (in this example, the Secure FTP Task):

Task Factory Secure FTP Task Stop package on failure option in Property Expressions Editor

Expression Builder

Additional Information: For help with the Expression Builder, see the Expression Builder article on Microsoft Docs.

Select the to open the Expression Builder. This allows you to set properties of SSIS tasks dynamically based on values in the package.

Task Factory Secure FTP Task Open Expression Builder

Building Expressions

Additional Information: See the following articles on Microsoft Docs for help with the System Variables, Functions, Operators, and Casting:

Drag and drop the options to build an expression. For example: 

  1. Drag the ISNULL function into the Expression box 
    Expressions Builder copy expression into Expression slot
  2. Drag the System::CancelEvent system variable into the <<expression>>
    Expression Builder add system variable and evaluate expression
  3. Select Evaluate Expression to verify the syntax and expression
  4. Select OK to complete building the expression

Success: You've built an expression!

Property Expression Editor with expression for Task Factory Secure FTP Task

Note:  Select the on the next line to add another expression.

Deleting Expressions

Highlight an expression, then select Delete to remove it:

Property Expressions Editor Delete expression

Using Expressions in Task Factory Data Flow Tasks

In many of the Task Factory Data Flow Components, you can use the Data Flow Properties and the Property Expressions Editor to select a variable input for your Task Factory Data Flow task. 

To use a variable in your Task Factory Data Flow component, complete the following steps:

1. Right click your Data Flow, and then select Properties to open the Properties window of your Data Flow Task.Task Factory Data Flow Task Context menu Properties

2. Select the on the Expressions column to open the Property Expressions Editor window.
Task Factory Data Flow Task Properties Expressions

3. Select the Property where you want to apply a variable, and then select the on the Expressions column to open the  Expression Builder. Task Factory Property Expressions Editor TF SalesForce Source Expression example

Note:  Select the plus icon next to a folder to expand the folder and display the available options. 

4. Enter your expression into the Expression: field and then select Ok to close the Expression Builder.
Task Factory Expression Builder example

Note:  Select Evaluate Expression to see a sample of your expression value.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as desired. Select Ok to close the Property Expressions Editor.
Task Factory Property Expressions Editor select Ok

Additional Information: For more information about Variables in Integrations Services, see the following Integration Services (SSIS) Variables MSFT article.