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Task Factory PowerShell Task

 Task Factory users running version 2020.1.4 or older (released prior to May 27, 2020): There's an important Task Factory update. Please visit here for more details.
Task Icon Task Description
Task Factory PowerShell Task Icon The PowerShell Task is a control flow component that executes a user-entered PowerShell script. Use the PowerShell Task to run PowerShell scripts directly in your SSIS package.

PowerShell Command

Task Factory PowerShell Task PowerShell Command tab

Component Description
Command Window Enter the PowerShell command you want to execute.

Note:  Variable replacements can be used with the following syntax: <@User::VariableName> 
Object Variable To Save Execution Results To Select the Object Variable used to save your task execution results.

Note:  You can only select this option if your object is a datatype.
Test Script Select Test Script to display the Execution Output and Results Object Explorer data for the entered script.

Script Results

Task Factory PowerShell Task Script Results tab

Component Description
Execution Output Displays any execution messages associated with your PowerShell script (error messages, warnings, etc.).
Results Object Explorer  Displays the sample results of your PowerShell script.
Additional Information: For information about using PowerShell Commands in SSIS, see the PowerShell MSDN documentation.