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Task Factory Terminator Destination

Terminator Destination

Destination Icon Destination Description
Task Factory Terminator Destination Icon The Terminator Destination is used to quickly add an end to a data flow. It requires zero configuration. Simply add an output to the terminator destination. To use the advanced features to generate an output file, you can open the Terminator Destination and define how you want the output file to be defined.

Input Columns

Task Factory Terminator Destination Input Columns

The Terminator Destination is also used to define the end of a Data Flow Nugget. Select the include box to define an output column in the Data Flow Nugget Transform.

File Output

Task Factory Terminator Destination File Output

Option Description
Generate Output File (selected input columns are included) Select this to generate an output file.
Output File Path
Select the path to output the file to.
Column Separator
Choose the character to use to separate columns.
Row Separator
Choose the escaped character to separate rows.